Volcán Sajama Volcano Expedithion 6542

Differences differences of hiring our program:

  • Excellent acclimatization plan homemade food to ensure better nutrition
  • Our personal care, guides with passion in their work
  • guides according to the number of clients
  • Two days off extra to use en case of health, bad weather, acclimatization, etc.


Dia 1 –La Paz – 3800m. Meeting
Dia 2 –La Paz – 3800m. Shopping, hiking, renting and checking equipment
Dia 3 – La Paz – 3800m Acclimatization activity, walks and trekking.
Dia 4 – Villa Sajama – 4300m
Dia 5– Acclimatization – 4300
Dia 6 – Ascent to the  Acotango 6052 m.
Dia 7 – Rest Day – 4300
Dia 8 – Base Camp Sajama 4600m
Dia 9 – Ascent camp 5500. Sajama 5500m
Dia 10 – Acclimatizacion camp 5500
Dia 11 – Summit day Sajama
Dia 12 – Extra Day
Dia 13 – descent To La Paz

Level of physical, technical and psychological difficult: Incahuassivolcain is one of the highest mountains in América, it is very demanding. Portage days in high with your backpack and grupal equipment. Technically is not difficult, just trekking in land, stones, occasionally in ice or snow. Summit day has a steep slope that physically and psychologically demands. We are likely to use use crampons and pickaxe during the expedition.

Included services:

  • Transfer to La Paz round trip, and during the expedition.
  • Refuge, Hotel and high tents
  • Proffesional guides and attendants every three persons
  • First aid kit
  • Oxygen tubes in in base camps (only for emergencies)
  • Group use equipment (tents, gas heaters, cooking pots)
  • Full board (breakfast and snacks: tea, coffee, bread, biscuits, jams. Dinners: stews, soups, rise, noodles, vegetables. Marching foods: sandwichs, fruit, cereal bars, chocolate, salty snacks)  We have GPS, VHF and satelital phone for your safety.

Our service not include:

  • Meals in the city, personal clothes, expenses for leaving the expedition, expenses for rescue and evacuation.
  • Residence in city.

Reservations, payments methods and necessary equipment: [email protected]